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Shiga-kogen Hiking

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Shiga-kogen is surrounded by mountains of 2000 meters above sea level,

and there are more than 70 lakes and ponds, which makes a highland resort full of entertainment.

Many trails are available depending on a level from mini-trekking to be able to enjoy willingly in Shiga-kogen

to the mountain climbing courses for good walkers.

Some representative trails are introduced.

But it is necessary to beware of the clothes and an accouterment,

though no altitude difference, it is primitive here.



Access and Getting Around

A trail around ponds

(10.3 km long, 200 meters altitude, necessary time about 3 hours 30 minutes):

It is the most popular trail.

It is a trail around 48 ponds and on the way various damp plants can be enjoyed.

It goes around the Onuma Pond with a mysterious surface of the lake.

Shibu-ike Pond has  uncommon floating islands in it,

and the color of the surface of the pond changes with time and weather.

There are a lot of large swamps, ponds and other highlights.

A trail to explore nature

(5.5 km long, 160 meters altitude, necessary time about 2 hours):

The trail where charm of the Shiga Highlands is felt most.

There are six ponds and marshes from Hasu-ike Pond to the Kido Pond,

and there are other trail that starts from Tanohara, passing the lava plateau of the Shiga Mountain

and the primitive forest.

紅葉 四十八沼巡り一ノ沼 大沼池1 大沼池2 木戸池1 蓮池2


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