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Sayabashi is a wooden bridge without supporting beams hanging over the Kanakura River

which flows through the downtown of Kotohira, which is impressive.

It is only used for the miniature shrine of the festival, so tourists are not allowed to pass it.

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 Konpiragu Shrine

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It is a shrine of combination of Shinto with Buddhism and the guardian angel of the traffic on the seasbut it was the gu...

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Kanabaruza is the oldest Japanese playhouse which was developed as then entertainmentfor the people visiting Konpiragu S...

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-Historic Sites 

Takatoro is a 28 meters high garden lantern in front of Kotoden Kotohira Station, which is the highest lantern in Japan....

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 Konpiragu Festival

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It is held on October 10 every year as event called "Osagari" at this event,500 people go down 785 steps of stone stairw...

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