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  • Onsen(Hot Spings)

The west side of the hot spring resort is the source of water welling up in the desert zone,

the district is now the “West Riverbank Park”

and a walking trail is maintained, which is used to observe the state of hot spring gushing out.

There is a huge commonly-used outdoor bath, local specialty of Kusatsu.

It is a really huge outdoor bath! Yet, beware of not staying in it for too long because the spring quality is thick.


Access and Getting Around

It takes 10 minutes to walk from Yubatake.

西の河原2 西の河原3


 Mount Kusatsu Shirane

KANTO    [ Kusatsu Onsen ]

-Mountain View  -Outdoor Activities 

It is a volcano of 2160 meters located in the border with Nagano Prefecture with a beautiful crater lake on the mountain...

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