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Risshaku-ji Temple(Yama-dera )

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Risshaku-ji is a temple made on the slope of the mountain for 860 years, called another name Yama-dera .

It is a typical Japanese mountain temple. Various temples and halls are built on the top 1,000 stairs.

All about temples such as the atmosphere, prospects from the cliff are worth seeing.



Access and Getting Around

It takes 40 minutes to climb to Okuno-in Temple, 3 hours to go around all temples.

A JR station is in the suburb of Yamagata, and many bus services are available.

By train

20 minutes from Yamagata Station with 1 train per hour.

By bus

50 minutes from Yamagata Station with 1 bus per 30 minutes.

By car

30 minutes from Yamagata Station.



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