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Oze Hiking Courses

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Commonly-used tourist courses.

The tourists using the hiking courses have to stay at least one night unless they take a night bus.

In case of using course 4 or 5, it is necessary to stay two nights at a local lodging facility.

Access and Getting Around

① Ozegahara popular course: the commonest course of a day. Hatomachi Pass⇒Nakatashiro

⇒Hatomachi Pass, 20 km for 7 hours.

② A course seeing flowers : A course going round the paradise of flowers-Ayame-Taira. Hatomachi Pass

⇒Ayame-Taira⇒Hatomachi Pass, 19 km for 7 hours 30 minutes.

③ Lake Ozenuma course: It is a course to move around the Lake Ozenuma from Hihoemata. Numayama Pass

⇔Oe Damp Plain⇔East shore of Lake Ozenuma ⇔Numayama Pass, 14 km for 4 hours 30 minutes.

④ Ozegahara Course: This course goes along Oz- gahara, Lake Ozenuma staying a night on the way.

Hatomachi Pass⇔Ozenuma⇔Mihira Pass⇔Oshimizu、30 km.

Shuttle buses are available between Hatomachi and Oshimizu.

⑤ A course crossing Oze: It is a highlight course of Oze which crosses Lake Ozenuma and Ozegahara

with night on the way. Hatomachi Pass⇔Ozenuma⇔Numayama Pass, 32 km.

The departure station and arrival station are different in this course, which makes it impossible to use a car.




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