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Iyakei Gorge

  • Specific Nature

Iyakei Gorge is a ravine near by Oboke and is an area where the original scenery of Japanese mountainous villages

still remain unchanged

and is said to be an unexplored region of Shikoku for a long time.

Staying here and enjoy the country atmosphere of Japan is really pleasant.



Access and Getting Around

祖谷峡1祖谷渓 祖谷小便小僧


 Kazura Bridge

SHIKOKU    [ Oboke ]

-Specific Nature 

It is a suspension bridge of 44 meters long, 12 meters high located in Iyakei Gorge,the people seeking for thrill cross ...

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 Yoshino River Rafting

SHIKOKU    [ Oboke ]

-Outdoor Activities 

The rafting on the Yoshino River is held here, Oboke and  Otoyo-cho at the upper side of the Yoshino River.The rafting o...

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 Hashikura-ji Temple

SHIKOKU    [ Oboke ]


It is a temple located on the mountaintop of 600 meters above sea level and covered with cedar treesand cypress trees wi...

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