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Iwamura Castle Ruins

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It is the highest castle among the Japanese mountainous castles of 717m above sea level.

It is really rare that one family possessed such a castle for 700 years since the Middle Ages

which was built as a firm mountainous castle by using the steep topography

of pitch difference 180 meters skillfully.

Only a stone wall is left, but the structure of the stone wall is really wonderful.

Because there is much fog, to see the castle eclipsed by fog is fun.

Access and Getting Around

It can take 20 minutes to climb from the entrance.

3.5 km from Iwamura Station.

岩村城2 岩村城1


 Iwamura town walking

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The figure of a castle town built 700 years ago is in a small town among mountains.After a few blocks of streets, throug...

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