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Danjiri Festival

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Danjiri is a festival car of Kansai Region, which has 300 years of history and features a pillar support a roof in dual structure.

500 people pull the float with two ropes of 100 meters and at full speed in the Danjiri Festival when many spectators

come to watch the force while 500 people turn round the street corner.

As for the local Danjiri Festival the city, the attendees turn round at a violent speed, even accidents happen sometimes

and some are injured or caused to death, which is energetic.

It is one of the festivals many people want to see.

Prior confirmation is necessary because the festival date changes every year.


Access and Getting Around

Take a Nankai Line train of private railways from Osaka.

On the festival day, the road is crowded with vehicles,

and some regulations must be conducted.

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