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Bise Promontory /Bise Village

  • Sea View

Bise Promontory is the Okinawa unique transparent beautiful sea among coral reefs

at north neighboring cape of the Okinawa Memorial Park.

This original natural beach is really precious while other beaches in Okinawa are mainly man-made.

This snorkeling spot is little known to the people.

Big trees of Fukugi (an evergreen broad-leaved tree native of the Philippines,

suitable growing area to the northernmost is Okinawa) are the street trees of Bise Village just before Bise Cape,

which has the unique atmosphere.

Walking on the emerald beach and walking around leisurely is pleasant.

Access and Getting Around

A 20 minute walk from Chiraumi Aquarium.

備瀬集落 備瀬フクギの並木


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