The Collection of History and Tradition:

Yamaga City is located in the north of Kumamoto Prefecture. Though small, it is a town for keeping on following the Japanese tradition. In addition, there are many nice hot springs around it, so it is full of highlight spots. Therefore, it is recommended to enjoy staying here leisurely at night for its splendid hot spring.

Access and Getting Around

Arrive at Kumamoto Station by the Kyushu Shinkansen, then take a bus to Yamaga City. Renting a bicycle from the information center and going around the city is also a good way.

By bus

1 hour 20 minutes from Kumamoto Station with 1 bus per 10 to 40 minutes.

By car

70 minutes from Hakata Station in Fukuoka; 1 hour from Kumamoto Station.



Yamaga Lantern Festival

-Culture  -Festivals 

This summer festival is held on August 15, 16, for two days,which is inherited by the inhabitants of Yamaga City from the ancient times.Yamaga lanterns are made with washi or Japanese papers rather than wood or metal,this traditional handicraft has 500 years history.Particularly, the best part of the festival is that women putting a lantern on the head dance elegantlyon August 15,16,which is calle...

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-Historic Sites 

Yachiyoza is a playhouse built by the businessmen of Yamaga.It is a splendid traditional theater which has classical styles and a revolving stage of the Edo period.Yamaga was the hub of the transportation and the base of logistic during its most prosperous period.Yachiyoza was built for enjoying the high level of culture and art then and of course the symbol of prosperity.Though declined once, it ...

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-Historic Sites  -Onsen(Hot Spings) 

Sakurayu was started 370 years ago, which is the biggest public bathhouse of the architecture of the Edo period in Kyushu.Together with Yachiyo-za, it is the symbolic building of Yamaga City.It is recommended to take a bath in order to know the Japanese hot spring culture.It is next to the information center....

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Chiyonosono Beverages

-Historic Sites  -Food 

It was founded in 1896. Customers may try it before buying.Near it, there is a unique building built 150 years ago which is suitable for photography.It is good to enjoy old cityscape by stroll in this neighborhood as well as this brewing company....

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Kikuchi Castle

-Historic Sites 

It is a historic park recovered from the castle site built 1300 years ago.The octagonal tower, warehouse and barracks are reconstructed but touristsare interested in knowing the construction technology of that era.Yet, as it is far from Yamaga City, have enough time in case of using a rental bicycle....

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Nichirin-ji Temple


The temple is not only famous for its cherry and azaleablossoms in springbut also the great statue of Buddha and Japanese-style garden.During the blossom season, the flowers of azalea are up to the mountaintop,which makes a wonderful scene....

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Yamaga Cycling

-Outdoor Activities 

A rental bicycle is available at the information center beside the Sakura-yu.They are electric bicycles, so using an electric bicycle is convenient for a long distance tour.The bicycle center is 3 km far from the downtown, where a rental bicycle is available.There are roads for cycling along Kikuchi River across the town,it is a leisure to see the river while cycling....

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Yamaga Onsen

-Onsen(Hot Spings) 

The city is dotted with the hot-spring inns which match cityscape earound Sakurayu.Sakurayu is the basic one.Hirayama hot spring resorts are 8 km away from the downtown.This place is a hot spring zone of the quiet atmosphere in the countryside.A prior reservation is necessary in case of seeing Yamaga Garden Lantern Festival.                         ...

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Accommodation around Yamaga


Yamaga City

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