Uku Island

A relaxed way

Uku Island is in the northernmost of the Goto Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture, Whichthe circumference is 38 km. Endless beautiful beach, the lighthouse on which the horizon can be seen and the warmth of the islanders, all these are so attractive. Everything is convenient in a big city. It is one of the values to live in a big city. Yet, seeing the horizon and playing with a cow is also valuable. To introduce such islands is one of what we plan to do. As it is a remote island, it is not convenient in case of illness. It is hoped that every tourist has a tour without being beyond his own physical condition.

Access and Getting Around

There are no public transportations, it is not bad to use a car or a rental bicycle to go round as it is small. Rental electric bicycles are available. At least one-night stay must be considered because it is a remote island.

By vessel

From Sasebo, a 5-minute walk from Sasebo Station to Sasebo Port.

・By jetfoil

1 hour 30 minutes from Sasebo Port to Uku-shimawith 2 round-trips.

・By ferry

2〜3 hours 15 minutes (transferring ports are different) with 3 round-trips per day.

From Fukuoka, 20 minutes from Hakata Station in Fukuoka to Hakata Port by bus.

・By ferry

4 hours 10 minutes from Hakata Port in Fukuoka, leaving at midnight.
1 a round-trip ferry per day.

From Ojika Island

25 minutes by jetfoil with 3 round-trip services per day.
35 minutes by ferry with 2 round-trip ferries per day.

Uku Island


Sugehama Beach

-Sea View  -Outdoor Activities 

Sugehama is a beach where white flowers are in blossom in summer.Restaurants and accommodations are available....

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Shirogatake Observatory

-Sea View 

Shirogatake Observatory is a viewing point on which Ukushima Island called Goto Fuji can be seen.View of Tsushimase Lighthouse from here is also nice....

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Ohama Beach

-Sea View 

It is a beach with 600-meter-long white sand and marine blue.It is such a beautiful beach that tourists seem to forget that it is in Japan not in the southern islands....

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Tsushimase Lighthouse

-Sea View 

Tsushimase Lighthouse is in the northernmost of the Island,a straight road following the cape of the plateau of a flat grassy plain, a white lighthouse and the horizon,which makes feel the earth....

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Big banyan tree

-Specific Nature 

Banyan tree is a kind of Sycamine.The length of the trunk of this tree is 16 meters, which is a big surprise. ...

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Accommodation around Uku Island


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