Takachiho Gorge

The gorge where Gods live:

Takachiho Gorge is located in the mountains of the northwest of Miyazaki Prefecture in the southeast of Kyushu. The lava made by eruption of Mount Aso deposits along the ravine and the cool lava becomes the columnar joint which makes it a beauty spot. In addition, it is the land where Japan was established first herein a myth, and it is a unique sightseeing spot with the remains and the Shinto shrines concerning the myth dotted here and there.


Access and Getting Around

It is difficult to go round the town by bus, you may rent a bicycle at the tourism information center in front of the bus center.

By bus

3 hours 50 minutes from Hakata Station in Fukuoka with 4 buses per day;

3 hours from Kumamoto Station with 2 buses per day.

1 hour 20 minutes from Nobeoka Station of the JR Nippo Line with 1 bus per hour.

By car

3 hours 30 minutes from Hakata Station in Fukuoka; 2 hours from Kumamoto Station; 1 hour from Mount Aso-san.

Takachiho Gorge


Takachiho Gorge

-Specific Nature 

Takachiho Gorge is a gorge of 80 meters as its average height.It is a waterfall falling on the part of the river where Takachiho Gorge gets narrow.Water running in the cliff of the gorge from "Onokoro Pond" becomes the Manai Waterfallandit is so beautiful that it is a symbol of Takachih Gorge.A sightseeing of a waterfall and a boat running between the ravines are known well,but you can enjoy the s...

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Amanoiwato Shrine


It is a legendary shrine where the high position among Japanese Gods called Amaterasu Omikamigrieved for too violent act of the younger brother and hid in  Amanoiwato.Then the world lost light, crops could not grow and many disasters occurred.However, when the God appeared again, the world became peaceful again.Beautiful rice terraces can be seen along the road from Takachiho town to the Shrine....

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Amanoyasu-kawara is a cave 10 minutes of walk away from the Amanoiwato Shrine,which is full of mysterious atmosphere. It also produced many myths,so it is nice to have a relaxing time here....

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Takachiho Shrine

-Culture  -Shrines 

Takachiho Shrine does not look gorgeous at all, but make visitors feel the atmosphere of old days.Trees of over 1000 years old are here and there in the shrine, whose purity is felt by visitors.The night Kagura Dance is recommended.The Kagura dance is an old Japanese folk entertainment in hope of the perfect state of the alth of dancing people,an abundan tharvest in front of God.This entertainment...

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Kushifuru Shrine


It is a small shrine, but it is mysteriously charming with its quietness and solemnness.The sculpture of the shrine is worth seeing at least one time....

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-Mountain View 

Kunimigaoka is a hill of 513 meters above sea level, and the prospects of Takachiho Gorgeand the neighboring mountains are wonderful,especially the sea of clouds is so famous that photograph lovers like to visit and take photographs....

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Amaterase Railway Super cart

-Outdoor Activities  -Recreational Facilities 

A self-run cart with an engine for sightseeing runs on the railway which became the abolished line by a typhoon damage.Though it is not a long railway, it runs about 30 minutes,its peak is to see a 352.5 meters long and 105 meters high Takachiho Bridge.It is really a wonderful view. It is fun that visitors may experience different feeling from the amusement park.Yet, when the weather is bad, it is...

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