Ikaho Onsen

Spa scenes of climbing stone stairs:

Ikaho Onsen is a hot-spring resort located in the halfway to Mount Haruna of Gunma Prefecture to the north of Tokyo since the ancient times, where there are inns and souvenir shops on both sides’ 365 stone steps. The original scenery of the typical Japanese hot spring resort can be seen here. The crater lake, Lake Haruna of Mount Haruna is in the upper side of it, which is a summer resort in the summer, whose surface freezes in winter where outdoor sports such as fishing on the ice, skating are enjoyed throughout four seasons




Access and Getting Around

In case of using a train, Takasaki is the base city to Ikaho, and Takasaki is the hub of the transport network of North Kanto, which makes it easy to get. A direct bus from Tokyo takes you there.

By train

50 minutes from Tokyo to Takasaki by Takasaki Line  with frequent services, then to Shibukawa Station for 55 minutes by the Joetsu Line  with 2 trains per day, transfer bus to Ikaho Onsen for 25 minutes with 3 bus services per hour.

By bus

2 hours 30 minutes from Shinjuku Station with 9 buses per day.

In addition, a direct bus runs from Ikaho Onsen to Kusatsu Onsen.

By car

2 hours 20 minutes from Tokyo Station.

Ikaho Onsen


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Shibukawa Ikaho Spa & Resort Tourism Association

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