Hiking along the trace of railways:

It is a pleasant hiking trail which is a one-way 6 km long the trace of the railroad of a mountain pass abolished in 1963. Because the former railway was on a sharp slope which was regarded as the Abt system of high mountain railway, it has such a name with a hiking trail. A trail walking on a trail on a magnificent brick bridge and through ten tunnels makes tourists possible to experience something completely different in the world. Stop at a dam lake called Lake Usui on the way. It is a hiking trail taking 3 to 4 hours for a round trip, which makes it convenient even with children.


Access and Getting Around

The railway park is united with Yokokawa Station of the JR Shinetsu Line.

By train

50 minutes from Tokyo by Takasaki Line , transfer a Shinetsu Line train to Yokokawa Station (Terminal).

By car

2 hours 20 minutes from Tokyo Station.



Megane-bashi(Megane Bridge)

-Historic Sites  -Outdoor Activities 

The 31meters high, 91 meters long brick-arched bridge is the biggest in Japanwhich is on the hiking trail of Apt-no-michi.The access is possible to the bridge girder by car, and the worm's-eye view is grand. ...

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-Culture  -Recreational Facilities 

It is near Yokokawa Station of the JR Shinetsu Line and is the basic spot of the trail of Aputo-no-michi.As a railroad park, a mini-train is operated, in addition to the display of SL or the locomotive,which is suitable for a family visit....

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Accommodation around Aputo-no-michi