Ise Shrine

Ise Shrine is in the Ise- shima region of Mie Prefecture which is a part of the East Coast of the Kii Peninsula, the Pacific side of Kansai. It is the holiest Shinto shrine of the Shinto which is one of the Japanese two major religions along with Buddhism. Ise Shrine consists of two Shinto shrines, Naiku and Geku, and tourists will have to visit them separately. It is 5 km away, so it is advice to go there by bus. There is a main shrine among trees and a clear stream in the Naiku where people worship the Deity of the Shinto. In front of the Naiku is Oharai-machi, replica of old Monzen-cho or a street to the Shirine where there are souvenir shops and attraction houses. Geku is a Shinto shrine where people worship the Deity for food, clothing and shelters. There is also a pond, generally it is in a quiet environment.

Access and Getting Around

Ise City where the shrine is located is easy to get from Nagoya by JR train or private train, from Osaka and Kyoto by private train. It is an area of many sightseeing spots where a Rias Coast extends, which everyone wants to have a tour there.

By train

1 hour 40 minutes from Nagoya Station to Ise-shi Station by the JR Sangu Line with 1 train per hour; 1 hour 30 minutes from Nagoya Station to Ise-shi Station by the Kintetsu Line with 1 train per hour; 1 hour 45 minutes from Osaka by the Kintetsu Line with 1 train per hour; 2 hours 10 minutes from Kyoto Station to Ise-shi Station with 5 trains per day.

By bus

A 20 minute- bus ride from Ise-shi Station to Naiku. There are bus services every 15 minutes between Naiku and Geku.

By car

2 hours from Nagoya Station, 2 hours 30 minutes from Osaka Station.

Ise Shrine



-Sea View 

At the east shore of Ise City a sand bar and the couple rock that form a line to snuggle up become the tourist attraction.In addition, it is the accommodations of the visitor of Ise Shrine.The sunrise of New Year's Day here is particularly famous.Pure Japanese-style inns along the road from JR Futaminoura Station to here provoke a sentiment to have a tour....

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-Historic Sites 

Hinjitsukan is a luxurious building with a garden which was built as the accommodations for VIPswho worship at Ise Shrine.It is open to the public for visiting. It is in the Futamigaura hotel street....

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-Historic Sites 

Kawasaki-machi became a big wholesale deal town by the transportation of water of Seta Riverflowing through the down in the Edo period,and played a role as "the kitchen of Ise" for worshipers to Ise Shrine.Cityscape from the Edo period including the storehouse of the old houses and merchants’ families remains unchanged....

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Accommodation around Ise Shrine


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