With National Treasure Castle:

Himeji City is located in the west Hyogo prefecture, also one of the biggest cities in Seto Inland Sea region. This city is not only very important part of the Seto Inland sea region but also it has Hiemji Castle that is famous for its magnificent beauty of structure.

Access and Getting Around

Because Himeji is the base city of the Seto Inland Sea area, it is really to get by train or car. There are developed passing route among the islands of the Seto Inland Sea.

By train

30 minutes from Shin Osaka Station to Himeji Station by the Sanyo Shinkansen with frequent services;

3 hours from Hiroshima Station to Himeji Station.



Himeji Castle

-Historic Sites 

Himeji Castle was built early in the Edo period and, in the precious castle where most buildings are the same as that time,so it is called the White Heron Castle for the figure of the beautiful white castle.The castles in Japan were destroyed for wars and politics in history,and because there are extremely few castles remaining unchanged as that time,you may really feel how nice it is that they ar...

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Kokoen Garden

-Historic Sites 

Kokoen is a Japanese garden, where there are nine gardens of different characters each.Himeji Castle can be seen from the garden, and there are tea houses and so on....

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Shoshazan Engyo-ji Temple


It is a Yamadera or a Mountain Temple , located in the northwest of Himeji Castle 0f 371 meters above sea leveland it called the  West Hieizan compare with Hieizan in the east of Kyoto because the temple is studded with buildings of the mountain.Many temples were built 500 years ago and are solemn,and the atmosphere of natural rich mountains temple surrounds the site which makes it an attractive t...

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Accommodation around Himeji


Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau

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