Rebun Island

Dream island of the flowers:

Rebun Island is the northernmost island of Japan in the Sea of Japan along with Rishiri Island. Rebun Island is so beautiful that it is called“Dream Island of the flowers”for alpine plants bloom all over the island and for its beautiful coastal sceneries. It attracts the sentiment of tourists for its position as the northernmost island of Japan. On the west coast, cliffs and coastal sceneries are spread out, therefore, is best for well seasoned hikers or if you have enough time. It is highly recommended that tourists use four or five-hour course for trekking from Cape Sukoton to Kafuka where there is a ferry terminal. However, it is advised that tourists have a plan of allowing one or two nights stay or more for trekking. Though flowers are in bloom in June and July, the charm of the island can be enjoyed from spring to autumn. In winter, ferries may be canceled sometimes and it is not suitable for travelling there. The seafood is another reason to enjoy this great location.

Access and Getting Around

Kafuka Port is the transport hub on Rebun Island, and the arrival and departure port of all ferries from/to Wakkanai and Rishiri. No air transport is available to Rebun Island.

Regular bus services are provided from Kafuka. It is possible to get off a bus freely at all of sightseeing spots; however, bus connections are infrequent. Some of the tourists visiting Rebun Island use sightseeing bus tours. Guides to tours are conducted in Japanese only.

By ferry from Wakkanai
  • Wakkanai – Rebun (Kafuka Port) 115 minutes, 2-4 round trip ferries per day.
  • Rishiri Island (Oshidomari Port) – Rebun Island(Kafuka Port) 40 minutes, 1-2 round trips ferries per day.
  • Rishiri Island (Kutsugata Port) – Rebun Island(Kafuka Port) 40 minutes,1 round trip ferry per day, in summer only.
By plane

All Nippon Airways (ANA) operates daily flights from Tokyo Haneda to Sapporo’s Shinchitose Airport,

Sapporo Okadama Airport to Wakkanai Airport, to Rishiri Airport.

1hour 55 minutes from Tokyo Haneda to Wakkanai, 2 flights per day.

50 minutes from Sapporo Shinchitose to Wakkanai,

2 flights per day.50 minutes from Sapporo New Chitose Airport to Rishir Island, 1 round-trip flight per day, but out of service during the winter.

55 minutes from Sapporo Okadama to Rishiri Island.1 flight per day.

By train

5 hours from JR Sapporo Sta by limited express train with 3 trains per day.

3 hours 40minutes ~4 hours 50 minutes from JR Asahikawa Sta with 7 trains per day.

By bus

5 hours 50 minutes from JR Sapporo Sta. to JR Wakkanai Sta. with 6 buses per day.

By car

5 hours 40 minutes from JR Sapporo Sta. to Wakkanai,

4hours 50 minutes from JR Asahikawa Sta. to Wakkanai,

5 hours 30minutes from JR Abashiri Sta. to Wakkanai.

Rebun Island


Cape Sukoton

-Sea View 

Cape Sukoton is the northernmost cape of Japan.It offers nice views of the island called“Todojima” or the Sea Lion Island with it below and only the horizon can be seen.It is the starting point of the trekking trail. It is included in the regular tour bus course....

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Cape Sukai

-Sea View 

Cape Sukai is located on the top end of the steep stairways.The cliff and the inlet are so beautiful and from the highly transparent inlet,the stones at the bottom of the sea can be seen.The flowers of the alpine plants around the inlet are in bloom in summer.It is one of the highlights in Rebun Island. It is included in the regular tour bus course....

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Cape Gorota

-Sea View 

It is a 3-kilometer walk from the Cape Sukoton to the south.A vast panorama of 360-degrees can be enjoyed and also Mt. Rishiri on Rishiri Islandwhich is next to Rebun Island can be seen.A superb view awaits tourists, though they have to walk them....

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-Specific Nature 

Momoiwa is a typical tourist spot of Rebun Island and is a huge rock of 250meters high and like a peach.Its surrounding is a paradise of the alpine plants which was designated as a natural monument of Hokkaido.It's just too good to pass up. There is also a 2- hour hiking trail via a lighthouse.It is included in the regular tour bus course....

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Lake Kushu

-Specific Nature 

It is the northernmost lake of Japan.On the shore of the south side, wide marsh can be seen with a four-kilometer trail around it.Rebun Island is known as the stopping point for the migratory birdsand the trail is a charming tourist spot for the bird-watching.There are some cottages, bungalows and a campground by the lake.Though it is not convenient to use buses, the lake can be visible it from a ...

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Rebun  Trekking

-Outdoor Activities 

It is the highlight around this island.Kape Sukoton and Momoiwa Trekking are very popular among hikers.It is advised that tourists need one or two nights stay or more for trekking....

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