Hakodate and Onuma Park

The night view  and a lake like picture postcards:

Hakodate is located in the Southernmost of Hokkaido, where there are many historic buildings and remains which make it a tourist spot. Especially the night view seen from the Mt. Hakodate is known as the third most beautiful panoramic night view (Hong Kong、Naples and Hakodate) in the world. It was first opened to the foreign countries for international trade during the isolation period, many buildings constructed that era still remain, and the western style castles which was once the war field at the end of the Edo period are attractive. It is convenient to take trams to go to the main tourist spots. Moreover, Yunokawa Onsen Hot Spring resort is near to the airport. Onuma-koen Park, which is designated as the Quasi-national Park, is a scenic spot of a volcano and lakes in the suburbs of Hakodate. Because it is close to Hakodate, tourists are recommended to visit it and Hakodate as a course.


Access and Getting Around

Hakodate is the central city of South Hokkaido, terminal city of trains and ferries from Honshu, so it is the point for traffic. Hokkaido Shinkansen extended to Hakodate from Tokyo  on March 26, 2016, then it is convenient for tourists to use JR Pass.

By Train

4 hours 02 minutes from JR Tokyo Station to Shin-Hakodate Hokuto Station by Hokkaido Shinkansen with 8 trains per day, then transfer train to Hakodate Station ,  20 minutes with many trains per day.

3 hours 30 minutes from JR Sapporo Station,9 round trip trains per day.

By Bus

5 hours and 45 minutes from JR Sapporo Station, 14 round trip buses per day.

By Air

1 hour and 20 minutes from Haneda Airport, Tokyo, 8 flights of JAL, ANA, AIR DO are available per day. Other flights from Sapporo, Osaka, Nagoya and Okushirishima Island are also available. 3 hours from Aomori, 16 round trip ferries per day. 1 hour and 30 minutes from Oma, Shimokita Peninsula, 2 round-trip per day.

Hakodate and Onuma Park


Night Views from Mt. Hakodate


Tourists can easily reach the top of the Mt. Hakodate by Ropeway.It has a unique geographical feature, that is, the downtown is on the sandbar, and two sides are surrounded by the sea,therefore wonderful night views can be seen.Especially from summer to fall, fishing fires can also be seen, which impresses tourists deeply....

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-Historic Sites 

Many buildings of foreign architectural style remain here, as foreigners began to live heresince the opening of the port for trading with foreign countries.The Russian church, the Catholic Church, the English Church, the  British Consulate at that time , the Russian Consulateand the public hall are still here.The Hakodate Port can fully be seen from the top of the slope....

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Red Brick Warehouse Street

-Historic Sites 

At the bottom of the slope of Motomachi, there are old piers of Hakodate Port and Hakodatehas been developed around here.Red brick buildings which once were used as warehouses are now used as tourist facilitiessuch as souvenir shops or restaurants.There are also embarkation grounds of cruise....

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Cape Tachimachi

-Sea View 

Cape Tachimachi is a bluff headland which is located at the end of the east of the Mt.Hakodate.Tourists can reach the cape by car, but no buses are available.Tourists reach the terminal station from Hakodate Station by city tram....

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Goryokaku Fort

-Historic Sites 

It is the pentagon-shaped ruins of a castle of the Western style which was once the center of Boshin Warat the end of the Edo period.A lot of cherry trees are planted around the moat of the ruins of the castle and now the castle is close toHakodate citizens as a famous place of the viewing of cherry blossom.The form of the pentagon moat can be observed from the Goryokaku Tower near the ruins of th...

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Yachigashira Onsen

-Onsen(Hot Spings) 

It is a  huge hot spring building which is located at the bottom of Cape Tachimachi .There is an extra-large bathtub does well as a facility for civic rest....

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Yunokawa Onsen

-Onsen(Hot Spings) 

Yunokawa Onsen is a  hot spring resort which is near Hakodate Airport.Along the seashore, there are big hotels, luxurious hotels and traditional Japanese hotelswhich have hot springs respectively.There is a tropical botanical garden not far from here, where tourists can see monkeys come into the hot spring....

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Morning Market


It is the biggest morning market in Japan where various kinds of products from seafood to agricultural products are sold.In the center of the market, there are many seafood restaurants which attract tourists.As it is named, the market opens only in the morning, but seafood restaurants run even during lunchtime, so lunch is available.It is just next to the Hakodate Station....

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Onuma Park

-Specific Nature 

It is a park which is 20 kilometers north away from Hakodate. It has three lakes and a large volcano.There are many small islands which make magnificent scenery.Tourists may take a walk on a few small bridges and paths for an hour, or make a tour of islands by ship.Besides these, tourists may take a ten-kilometer bike ride around the lake.The scene of the lakefront and the posture of Mt. Komagatak...

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Hakodate City

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