The navel town :

Furano is located in the center of Hokkaido and Because of its geographical position, which is almost right in the middle of Hokkaido, it has a unique nickname “the navel town.” Furano is situated in the Furano basin, which is nestled between the Tokachi Volcanic Mountain Range, part of the Daisetsuzan National Park, so it is known for their picturesque rural landscapes.
You can also enjoy outdoor activities in Furano all year round such as Rafting trips down the Sorachi River and a popular ski resort in winter.



Access and Getting Around

By train

From JR Asahikawa Sta., 1 hour with 12 trains per day.

From JR Sapporo Sta., transfer at JR Takikawa Sta., 3 hours 30 minutes with 10 trains per day.

From JR Obishiro Sta., transfer at JR Shintoku Sta., 2 hours 30 minutes with 8 trains per day.

By bus

From JR Asahikawa Sta. via Airport, 2 hours with 8 buses per day

By car

From JR Asashikawa Sta., 1 hour 30 minutes

From JR Sapporo Sta., 2 hours 30 minutes

From JR Obihiro Sta., 2 hours 30 minutes.



Furano Ski Resort

-Outdoor Activities 

Furano Ski Resort is one of the typical ski resorts in Japan.Various courses are provided to skiers from beginners to advanced ones, and it is equipped with good facilities, too.The area consists of two long runs, one in Kitanomine Zone, the other in Furano Zone.These two are connected with gondolas.The World Cup was held here several times, and it is one of the eminent ski resorts in Japan.A vari...

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Accommodation around Furano


Furano Tourism Association

Furano Prince hotel