Tsunoshima Island

Tsunoshima is a small Island at the westernmost tip of Yamaguchi Prefecture along the Sea of Japan. It is a hidden and attractive Island for a certain people since various outdoor activities can be enjoyed such as the sea bathing, fishing and camping. In particular, Tsunoshima Giant Bridge that is a bridge of 1,780meters long over Tsunoshima Island is known for its splendid sight. The marine blue of Amagase Seto where a bridge hangs over makes people exclaim about its color. You may remember a perceptual illusion that you are coming to the south island. It is difficult to access by train, so pass the bridge by train and bus in transition, yet the bridge and the sea are so charming that people come here to the marine blue without any hesitation .

Access and Getting Around

The basic location of the bus terminal is Kottoi Station of the JR Sanin Line. It is possible to reach Kottoi Station from Shimonoseki Station by local train with few services, and transferring is necessary on the way, so if possible using a car is recommended. One observatory of Tsunoshima Great Bridge is on the mainland, while the other one is on the island, so get off at Hotel Nishinagato Resort in case of not passing over to the island; or get off at Sezaki of Tsunoshima in case of turning round the island.

By train and bus

1 hour 20 minutes from Shimonoseki Station to Kottoi Station with 13 trains per day, take a bus for 15 minutes with 8 buses per day.

By car

1 hour 20 minutes from Shimonoseki Station, 1 hour 10 minutes from Hagi Station, 1 hour 15 minutes from Akiyoshidai.

Tsunoshima Island


Tsunoshima Great Bridge

-Specific Nature 

There is no sidewalk on the bridge, so everybody has to pass the bridge by bus or car.There is one inn in Tsunoshima and the campground is prepared for the sea bathing season....

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Accommodation around Tsunoshima Island


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