Tsumago and Magome

The post town of the Edo period:

It is the place that prospered as a post town of the roads of the Edo period and a representative tourist spot in the south of Nagano Prefecture. It is judged that work on scene maintenance activity was put forward here while national traditional cityscapes were disappearing with economic growth. In 1976, it was chosen as one of the first choice grounds of the important traditional buildings preservation district of the country. There is a hiking trail of 8 km for 3 hours between Tsumago and Magome, staying either of the two is recommended. It is possible to see the ancient Japanese street now.


Access and Getting Around

Because South Nagano is the area where a village leads to along a deep valley, and its transportation network is along a valley. It is not convenient to get. The basic spot to get here is Nagoya, the big city of Chubu area. The route via Nagoya is a little near in terms of time. But it is the most convenient because an express bus between Tokyo and Nagoya can get directly.

By train

2 hour from Tokyo Station to Nagoya Station by the Tokaido Shinkansen with many train services, then to Nagiso Station or Nakatsugawa Station for 1 hour to 1 hour 40 minutes by the Chuo-saisen Line train.

2 hours 30 minutes from Tokyo Station to Shiojiri Station by the Chuo Line , to Nagiso Station or Nakatsugawa Station for 1 hour to 1 hour 45minutes by the Chuo-saisen Line.

By bus

4 hours 30 minutes from Shinjuku Station to Magome, then to Nagoya Station for 2 hours with 2 buses per day.

By car

4 hours 15 minutes from Tokyo Station, 1 hours 45 minutes from Nagoya Station.

Tsumago and Magome



-Historic Sites 

In a former post town lasting approximately 1km along a little river terrace where the river forms the Tsumago,a series of old wooden private houses and inns, and particularly the old cityscape is preserved in Japan.Entry of the normal cars to the village is prohibited according to the principle, so a visitor can enjoy a walk leisurely.There is nothing modernized here.There are only traditional lo...

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-Historic Sites 

In the south of Tsumago, old wooden private houses more than 100 years gather and form Otsumago.The atmosphere of the village along the mountain stream is very good....

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-Historic Sites 

An old village was burnt down by a fire about 100 years ago, it was restored to the original state after that.The town along the slope of the stone pavement along with the Tsumago lodging facilities over Magome Passis so popular that many tourists come to visit.Along two sides of the stone pavement, there are souvenir shops in a line with lodging buildingwhere ancient Daimyo (celebrities) stayed a...

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Jinbakami Observatory

-Historic Sites 

It is the highest in the Magome village where the prospects of the Magome Streetand the beautiful Mount Ena nearby are perfectly nice....

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Kakizore Ravine

-Specific Nature  -Outdoor Activities 

It is a V-shaped ravine formed by the erosion of the river.Tourists can enjoy the beauty of the waterfall and rapid stream from the suspension bridge or the trail.The huge granite in the deep valley of the upper side of the river 8 km away from the suspension bridgemakes a beauty spot of the waterfall, the shallows and the deep water....

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Accommodation around Tsumago and Magome