The town of the Toyota car and old Japanese image:

The name of the world famous auto manufacturer Toyota is the name of the city, and in fact. Toyota is the founder’s name. It is the town where an ancient Japanese image is seen in the representative town of such modern industries as the automobile factory of Toyota, which is unique about Japan.

Access and Getting Around

Toyota is to the east of Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture within one hour reach by train. Take a Tokaido Shinkansen train at Tokyo Station, then transfer a private railway train at Toyohashi City or Nagoya.

By train

1 hour 40 minutes from Tokyo Station by Tokaido Shinkansen with frequent train services, then to Meitetsu Toyotashi Station by the Meitetsu Line for 1 hour with frequent train services.

1 hour from Toyohashi Station to Toyota-shi Station via Chiryu Station by the Meitetsu Mikawa Line with frequent train services.

By car

4 hours 20 minutes from Tokyo Station, 50 minutes from Nagoya Station.



Toyota Factory

-Recreational Facilities 

It is an interesting experience that a tourist watches the production processof the world largest automobile manufacturer directly.Yet, a prior reservation is necessary....

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-Historic Sites 

The charm of Asuke is  in the town, and the feature of the townwhich prospered as a stage of the town called Sanshu ever has been still preserved.The traditional buildings such as the storehouse of the white wall, the lattice doorand the black boarded walls form the very tasteful town.Get some information at the visitor center in the downtown and enjoy your walk in the town. ...

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Korankei Ravine

-Seasonal Attractions 

Korankei Ravine of Asuke is representative spot of red leaves in Tokai region.From the middle to the end of November ,Red leaves of 4000 maples can be seenon the Taigetsu-kyo (Taigetsu Bridge) which is the symbol of Korankei Ravine.It is superb view of the ravine. ...

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-Historic Sites 

It was reproduced with a residence of a rich farmer in 1930s as its model,where tourists can know about the lives of that time.In addition, a craftsman demonstrates it in the facilities,which helps tourists know the old handworks of Japan....

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Cherry trees of four seasons

-Seasonal Attractions 

Generally, cherry trees bloom in spring, but cherry trees in Obara bloom in autumn.If you go to Obara in November, you can see red leaves and blooming of cherry trees at the same time.In addition, Obara is a producer of Washi or Japanese paper,and Washino-Furusato is possible to experience the display of the Japanese paper and its making,where it is not bad to stop by.The blooming season in fall i...

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Accommodation around Toyota


Toyota Tourism Assosiation

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