The Hometown of Ieyasu Tokugawa:

Shizuoka City is prefectural seat of Shizuoka Prefecture located in the middle between Tokyo and Osaka of Japan, which is the main artery of traffic and the hometown of Tokugawa ieyasu who made the Edo Shogunate, a building related to Ieyasu is still left. It is the tourist spot where tourists stop by while moving between Tokyo and Osaka.

Access and Getting Around

It is easy to get by the Tokaido Shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka or by express highway.

By train

1 hour from Tokyo to Shizuoka Station by the Tokaidao Shinkansen with many train services.

By car

2 hours 40 minutes from Tokyo Station.



Kunosan Toshogu


Kunosan Toshogu is a shrine to enshrine  Tokugawa Ieyasu , the founder of the Edo Shogunate,tourists will be fascinated by the gorgeous building which was specially mentioned in the construction history.It is different from Nikko Toshogu, though both are used to enshrine the same Ieyasu,which is interesting and worth recommending....

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-Specific Nature 

Nihondaira is a hill of 307 meters above sea level in the suburb of Shizuoka Citywhere the beautiful Mount Fuji can be seen.The panoramic views of Mount Fuji over the tea field, the port, the Izu Peninsula,the Southern Alps are right superb....

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Utsunoya Pass Hiking

-Historic Sites  -Outdoor Activities 

It is a hiking route going around the former stage of Former Tokaido Roadmade with the life of Tokugawa Ieyasu.And the mountain pass, and the state of that time remains unchanged throughwhich tourists can experience the history....

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