Jikkoku Pass

Superb view of Mount Fuji:

The mountain pass is close to Hakone, ten regions could be seen on the pass in the ancient times, which is the origin of its name. Jikkoku means ten regions. It is well known for the view that is splendid like its name, especially for the superb view of Mount Fuji of looking over a gulf. It is easy to climb up to the mountain pass from the parking lot by cable car. It is impossible to climb on foot from the parking lot.

Access and Getting Around

It is located between Hakone and Atami Hot Spring resort, and 4 to 8 buses run between two places only during the daytime.

It is a little inconvenient only with the above-mentioned public transport. It is easy to get there by car.

By bus

30 minutes from Moto Hakone to Jikkoku Pass,

25 minutes to Atami Station.

Jikkoku Pass


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