Simple rural country:

Gokayama is not so big as Shirakawa-go, but it is also village of rafter roof houses with two villages, one is Suganuma, and the other is Ainokura. It is surrounded by the fields, and tourists are not so many as Shirakawa-go, which makes it simple rural country. Staying at a private lodging facility without doing anything is luxurious and refreshing.

Access and Getting Around

Because the two village are a little far, you need to check the timetable of buses. The basic spot of traffic in the neighborhood is Kanazawa City in Hokuriku. Tour buses run around inheritance spots.

By bus

From Kanazawa Station for one hour with 6 buses per day (No bus services in winter). From Shirakawa-go for 30 minutes with 6 buses per day.

By car

1hour 15 minutes from Takayama Station, 1 hour from Kanazawa Station.



Murakami House

-Historic Sites 

Murakami House is a representative rafter roof house of Gokayama to remain still unchangedwith the state at the time of 400 years ago of the Gokayama area.It is in the middle of Ainokura village and Suganuma village....

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Gokayama Museum of Folklore

-Historic Sites 

Located in the Suganuma Rafter Roof Village,Gokayama Museum of Folklore keeps its state of rafter roofs without having been remodeled.200 items including the life tools of mountain village, Gokayama, of the wisdom of ancient people are displayed.There is a  library which is used to teach how to make sal prunella....

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Accommodation around Gokayama