Eihei-ji Temple

What is Zen?:

Eihei-ji Temple is located in Fukui Prefecture of Hokuriku region, the biggest Zen temple in Japan, which was built 750 years ago. There are various temples in the very large precincts in the forest, and grand building, long stairs and gardens, all are really beautiful. As for the beauty of simplicity and purity without any decoration, it is right here. The figures that many Buddhist priests train themselves now are beautiful. Do not take photographs of the priests. Eihei-ji accepts the Zen meditation experience, and offers a two-day, one-night course or a four-day, three-night course. There is an episode that Steve Jobs once wanted to become a priest here.

Application for Zen Meditation: 0776-63-3102



Access and Getting Around

It is in the suburb of Fukui southwest to Kanazawa. Though Shinkansen does not pass through Fukui, it is the base city between Kansai region and Kanazawa City by the Hokuriku Line. A private railway train runs from Fukui to Eiheiji-kuchi Station, then transfer to a bus, or a direct bus from Fukui is available.

By train and bus 

45 minutes from Kanazawa Station to Fukui Station by Hokuriku Line with frequent train services; 2 hours from Osaka Station to Fukui Station by the Hokuriku Line with frequent train services. Transfer to The Echizen Line to Eiheiji-kuchi Station for 30 minutes with 1 train per 30 minutes, then to Eihei-ji Temple by bus for 15 minutes.

By bus

30 minutes from Fukui to Eihei-ji Temple with 1 bus per hour.

By car

1 hour 15 minutes from Kanazawa Station.

Eihei-ji Temple


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Eiheiji Town

Eiheiji Kankoubussan kyoukai 

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