Mount Hachimantai Area

Great panorama and Tohoku hot springs experience:

It is a volcanic mountainous area that extends over Iwate and Akita Prefecture, many marshes and damp plains are here and there on the large plateau, and the view from the observatory close to the mountaintop is panoramic. Both prefectures have hot springs and every hot spring resort is a hotel of splendid origin of water. It is different from those large onsen , where the atmosphere of the simple original Japanese hot spring remains a lot, so those Japanese spa culture lovers will surely like it.

The autumn leaves are approaching.


Access and Getting Around

The basic places are Morioka City in Iwate Prefecture, Tazawako Station and Kakunodate Station in Akita Prefecture. They are directly accessible from Tokyo by the Shinkansen. Bus services are inconvenient from the stations, you need a detailed plan in advance. If you want to go around all tour spots, you had better use a rental car. The winding road through Mt. Hachimantai is closed in winter.

The Aspite Line(a main road) is open

By train

2 hours 15 minutes from Tokyo Station to Morioka Station by the Tohoku Shinkansen with 2 trains per hour.
50 minutes to Shin Aomori Station with 2 trains per hour.
2 hours 45 minutes to 3 hours from Tokyo Station to Tazawako Station or Kakunodate Station by the Akita Shinkansen with 2 trains per hour. 1 hour 30 minutes from Akita Station.

By car

2 hours from Sendai Station to Morioka Station. 1 hour 50 minutes from Aomori Station to Morioka Station.

By plane

Hanamaki Airport of Morioka is available, flights from Osaka, Sapporo and Nagoya. Akita Airport of Akita is available from Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Sapporo.

Mount Hachimantai Area


Hiking on the  Mountaintop

-Outdoor Activities 

It is a light, two-hour trail around the Hachiman Marsh near the mountaintop.The trail starts from the rest house which is accessible by car or bus.Walking around the crater lakes in the forest and the bank of the marsh makes it various, wonderful route.Especially, it is pleasant to see red leaves in fall. Seeing the lake takes 1 hour ....

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Matsukawa Onsen

-Onsen(Hot Spings) 

Matsuka Onsen is a hot spring with three unique inns with outdoor baths and lodging facilities.It gets supports from the fans of loving unexplored hot springs all over the country.It is a special feeling of seeing the clean flow of the ravine from the outdoor baths.Because a geothermal power plant is in the Matsukawa Onsen area and it is open to the publicwhich is within a walk reach from the lodg...

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Toshichi Onsen

-Onsen(Hot Spings) 

Toshichi Onsen is a hot spring inn in the middle of Matsukawa Onsen to the Hachimantai mountaintop,which is the highest of sea level in Tohoku area.The characteristic of the hotel is its outdoor baths.It varies from an outdoor baths of men and women separated to combined baths of men and women,which attracts hot spring enthusiasts including mountain climber and hikers.It is closed in the winter.  ...

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Lake Onuma

-Specific Nature  -Outdoor Activities 

Lake Onuma is a big marsh  1 km down from Goshogake Onsen,and the trail of one round 40 minutes is maintained.It is fun for red leaves in fall. Red leaves reflected on the lake is the highlight.A visitor center is in the shore whose facilities are very substantial as displays of nature of Hachimantaiand an information center....

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Fukenoyu Onsen

-Onsen(Hot Spings) 

Fukenoyu Onsen is an inn of an unexplored hot spring in Mount Hachimantai area.The outdoor baths at this hotel are one of the outdoor baths of the perfect wild beauty in Japan.There are combination baths of men and women, and the open feeling of the men's section of a bathhouseis particularly impressive.There is also an outdoor bath exclusive for women, but it is a pity that its prospect is bad.Th...

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Goshogake Onsen

-Onsen(Hot Spings) 

Goshogake Onsen is one of the existing Japanese spas (balneotherapy that a visitor cooks meals on himself,stays at the hot spring hotel for days, cures fatigue, a disease and a wound).There are a box steam bath, a bubble bath, a mud bath, and a waterfall bath,which seems to be a theme park of the hot spring totally, some people stay here for a week even a month.Hot spring bathing is one of importa...

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Accommodation around Mount Hachimantai Area


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