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Goshogake Onsen

  • Onsen(Hot Spings)

Goshogake Onsen is one of the existing Japanese spas (balneotherapy that a visitor cooks meals on himself,

stays at the hot spring hotel for days, cures fatigue, a disease and a wound).

There are a box steam bath, a bubble bath, a mud bath, and a waterfall bath,

which seems to be a theme park of the hot spring totally, some people stay here for a week even a month.

Hot spring bathing is one of important elements of Japanese cultures.

It is worth visiting. Goshogake Nature Search road is beside the hotel, which is a trail of feeling the breath.



Access and Getting Around

By bus

Taking a bus is inconvenient. Bus services are only Sundays and National holidays.

There are no bus services during winter and week day,

a pick-up vehicle is available between the nearest station and bus stops,

prior reservation is necessary (a guest at the hotel only).

1 hour 50 minutes to 2 hours 20 minutes from (depending on routes) Morioka Station 

for the Hachimantai Mountaintop bus terminal, transfer a bus for 30 minutes, get off at Goshogakeonsen  bus stop

1 hour 50 minutes from Tazawako Station for the Hachimantai Mountaintop bus terminal ,

get off at Goshogakeonsen bus stop.

By car

2 hours from Morioka Station, 1 hour 40 minutes from Tazawako Station.

御所掛温泉 (3)御所掛温泉御所掛温泉 (4)御所掛温泉 (2)


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