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Shimanto River Canoe

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The Shimanto River is a longed-for river of the Japanese canoeists.

Because there is not a dam though it is a big river,

canoeists gather to be able to go down from the upper basin to the downstream by a canoe,

so they come to this river from the whole country.

The scenery of the simple country of Japan is the most charming. 

It is the different canoe experiences from a four-day course for senior canoeists

who go down from the upper side to the basin to beginners who finish the course only half a day.

Access and Getting Around


 Shimanto Cycling

SHIKOKU    [ Shimanto River ]

-Outdoor Activities 

Cycling is recommended to experience the scenery of this beautiful river and river bankbecause there are some courses su...

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SHIKOKU    [ Shimanto River ]

-Outdoor Activities 

Tourists may have different experience of a short course, long course of canoe,and it offers lodging facilities such as ...

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