Lake Towada

Red leaves as its highlight:

Lake Towada is a caldera lake formed by the eruption of Mt.Hakkoda at the border of Aomori Prefecture and Akita Prefecture. What is impressive is its deep blue of peculiarity of a caldera lake. Pleasure boats and accommodations are provided, but it is very quiet because there are no big facilities. Most tourists come to enjoy the Oirase Mountain Stream together with red leaves in fall. Because of heavy snow, it is difficult to reach in winter. Along the shore, there are rest room, hostels, bus terminals and pleasure boat piers.

The autumn leaves are approaching.



Access and Getting Around

Take a bus at Aomori City and get off at Mt. Hakkoda or take a bus at Towada City or Hachinohe City located to the east of the lake, but there are no bus services during the time between November 4 and the end of April.It is reachable not only from Aomori but also from Akita by car. Yet, the road from Aomori is closed to the traffic.

By bus

3 hours 20 minutes from Aomori Station to Yasumiya with 5 bus services per day;

3 hours from Shin Aomori to Yasumiya with 3 bus services per day.

2 hours 15 minutes from Hachinohe Station of Shinkansen Station to Yasumiya.
1 hour from Hichinohe-towada Station of Shinkansen station to Yakeyama/Towada-ko -onsen with 4 bus services per day.

By car

2 hours 20 minutes from Aomori Station, unavailable in winter.
1 hour 40 minutes from Hachinohe Station.
25 minutes from Hichinohe-towada Station.
50 minutes from Akita via highway Towada Interchange. No bus services.

Lake Towada


Oirase Stream

-Specific Nature  -Outdoor Activities 

Oirase Stream of 14 km is formed by the water from the Lake Towada.There are many waterfalls along the stream, the road is called Waterfall Road.Red leaves here are so attractive even all over Japan that a number of visitors come to walkon the trail along the stream. ...

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Accommodation around Lake Towada


Towada Tourist Association

Aomori Prefecture