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Oirase Stream

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Oirase Stream of 14 km is formed by the water from the Lake Towada.

There are many waterfalls along the stream, the road is called Waterfall Road.

Red leaves here are so attractive even all over Japan that a number of visitors come to walk

on the trail along the stream.


Access and Getting Around

The stream is along the road between Mount Hakkoda and Towada Lake,

so it is easy to access by car but there are not many parking lots on the way.

The hiking trail is from  Yakeyama or Towadako Onsen to Nenokuchi of 14 km in length,

which takes 4~5 hours to walk.

It is really crowded during the red leaves season, but having a walk along the stream in spring is also pleasant.

On the last Saturday and Sunday of October, normal vehicles are not allowed to run on the road

between Yakeyama and Nenokuchi, only shuttle buses area available.

One shuttle bus service for every 20 minutes.

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