Kakunodate Area

Samurai Residences and unexplored hot springs:

Kakunodate is a beautiful town known as Little Kyoto of Northeast with its historical samurai residences and cherry blossoms. It is a town of ancient samurai residences and street of merchants remaining in the town castle.There are also many tourist spots around akunodate, Lake Tazawa that is the deepest lake in Japan, Mount Akita Komagatake that is well known for the alpine plants, and unexplored hot springs. It is, so to speak, an Onsen Paradaise.

Access and Getting Around

Kakunodate Area has two stations of the Akita Shinkansen, so it is easy to get there.Because it is a compact town, walking is enough to turn around in the downtown only,and there is a rental bicycle shop at the station square.

By train

3 hours from Tokyo Station to Kakunodate Station via the Akita Shinkansen with 2 trains per hour;

50 minutes from Akita Station to Kakunodate Station with 2 trains per hour.

By bus

9 hours from Tokyo to Kakudate by night bus.

By car

1 hour 40 minutes from Morioka Station, 1 hour from Akita Station, 40 minutes from Akita Airport.

By plane

65 minutes from Tokyo Haneda to Akita Airport with 9 flights per day.

Other flights from Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo and Fukuoka.

Kakunodate Area


Samurai Residences

-Historic Sites 

Visiting at the samurai residences is recommended in the season of cherry in blossom,but its good atmosphere lasts through a year.There are two samurai residences.One is called Uchimachi area, a 10-minute walk away southwest to Kakunodate Station,the other is called Tamachi close to the station.Between the two,Uchimachi area has more remaining original facilities.Big residences such as Ishiguro Fa...

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Kabazaiku Museum


Artworks made of the bark of the cherry trees are called Kabazaiku,many kinds of fine artworks are shown in the museum.There is the production demonstration, too.It is a good opportunity to experience of Japanese traditional artworks....

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Ando Miso Factory

-Historic Sites 

It is a miso fermenting factory in Tamachi area of Kakunodate.It is a typical house of a business magnate in the Edo period, which is worth seeing.The brilliance of a room used as a storehouse and local events strain eyes in particular....

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Lake Tazawa

-Specific Nature 

Lake Tazawa is the deepest lake in Japan.It does not freeze in winter because of its depth, and the color of the surface of the lake of changes,which is really beautiful.There are no big facilities on shore, so it is always quiet atmosphere. ...

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Mount Akita Komagatake

-Mountain View  -Outdoor Activities 

Mount Akita Komagatake is a volcano by Lake Tazawa ,there is a parking lot on 8- gome of the mountain(Because of the road regulations, it is not available for vehicles except buses during the daytime),and it takes 1 hour to reach the mountaintop from the parking lot.There are many alpine plants, and the view of Lake Tazawa seen from the mountaintop is really splendid.It is better on a fine day ...

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Nyuto Onsen

-Onsen(Hot Spings) 

Nyuto Onsen is a hot spring area where unexplored hot springs are here and there in the deep forest of beeches,which seems the heaven to spa lover.Some of lodging facilities are crowded because of the recent boom of unexplored hot springs,the atmosphere of the old spa is still remains if you choose an inn,so it is recommended to stay a night and experience the hot spring culture of Tohoku area.In ...

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Kata Branch School

-Historic Sites 

An unused elementary school has been preserved and is open to the public.It is a good chance to know about Japanese old rural elementary school...

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Tamagawa Onsen

-Onsen(Hot Spings) 

Tamagawa Onsen has 11 different qualities of hot spring, the strongest acid hot springsand the most quantity of water from a hot spring.It is a spa which offer shops selling from grains to groceries, restaurants, a public kitchen, a laundry, and for nursing.All these make anyone possible to live.What is particularly unique is its bedrock bathing where tourists lie on a mat (sheet made of the straw...

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Accommodation around Kakunodate Area


Kakunodate Tourist Association

Semboku City

Akita Prefecture Tourism Union