Dewa Sanzan(Three mountains of Dewa)

Sacred Mountains:

It is a generic name of three mountains, Mount Gassan, Mount Hagurosan, and Mount Yudonosan located in the north of Yamagata Prefecture. It attracts many mountaineering ascetics, worshipers with the mountaineering asceticism as its center of the mountain worship. It is not only the biggest holy place in Tohoku but also in Japan.

Access and Getting Around

Tsuruoka City is the base of Dewa Sanzan. Because the Shinkansen does not go through, take a Joetsu Shinkansen train to Niigata and use a combination of a train and a bus by transit. There is a direct flight from Tokyo to Shonai Airport, a direct bus service from Tokyo. A bus takes tourists to sightseeing spots from Tsuruoka City.

By train

1 hour 30 minutes from Tokyo to Niigata Station via the Joetsu Shinkansen with 1 train per 30 minutes, then transfer to a limited express train of the JR Uetsu Line to Tsuruoka City with 8 trains per day.

By bus

7 hours 30 minutes from Tokyo to Tsuruoka by night bus, every day. 25 minutes from Shonai Airport.

By car

1 hour 30 minutes from Yamagata Station, 20 minutes from Shonai Airport.

By plane

1 hour from Haneda in Tokyo with 4 flights per day.

Dewa Sanzan(Three mountains of Dewa)



-Shrines  -Outdoor Activities 

Hallowed ground of the mountaineering asceticism includes the Hagurosan areain a central station of Dewa Sanzan to collect faithand is an important cultural property and the treasure house of the historic cultural assets including a historic spot,the natural beauty spot including Five-Storied Pagoda.Pass through the gate and walk on an avenue of cryptomerias then see the Five-storied Pagoda,which ...

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-Shrines  -Outdoor Activities 

The beautiful mountain may be called the symbol of Yamagata Prefecture.It takes about 3 hours to climb up to the mountaintop via Mount Haguro with a bus terminaland parking lot on 8- gome.Gassan Shrine is on the mountaintop, and many people come to worship. ...

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Midagahara Marsh

-Specific Nature  -Outdoor Activities 

Midagahara is a marsh on the 8-gome of Mt. Gassan.It is possible to see a large number of alpine plants.You can enjoy a relaxing walk of about one hour on the well-prepared wooden path....

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-Shrines  -Temples  -Outdoor Activities 

Yudonosan Shrine is under 5 km of Gassan mountaintop, and it looks mysterious and profound in deep ravine,worship is permitted only after cleaning the body without wearing shoes.It seems that mind is cleansed.There are some temples with Sokushinbutsu, monks who transformed their own bodies into mummies while still living,which is a mysterious experience of touching the essence of the Japanese Budd...

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