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Hallowed ground of the mountaineering asceticism includes the Hagurosan area

in a central station of Dewa Sanzan to collect faith

and is an important cultural property and the treasure house of the historic cultural assets including a historic spot,

the natural beauty spot including Five-Storied Pagoda.

Pass through the gate and walk on an avenue of cryptomerias then see the Five-storied Pagoda,

which makes it exciting.

Access and Getting Around

It is really beautiful. It takes 2 km to walk to the Sanzan Shrine on the mountaintop.

It is possible to take to the mountaintop directly without climbing to the avenue of cryptomerias.

By bus

50 minutes from Tsuruoka Station to Zuishinmon bus stop with 10 bus services per day.

By car

35 minutes from Tsuruoka Station, 45 minutes from Shonai Airport.




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