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Lake Ozenuma

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It is at the east end of Ozegahara and one of the lakes in highlands in Japan

which was formed by the volcanic eruption of Mount Hiuchigatake.

It is a beautiful marsh from which tourists can enjoy the neighboring mountains reflected on the surface of the lake

and the flowers of pretty seasons.

It is accessible from Katashina Village and Hinoemata Village of Fukushima Prefecture.



Access and Getting Around

By train for Katashina Village

50 minutes from Tokyo Station to Takasaki Station by the Joetsu Shinkansen Line with 3 trains per hour,

then to Numata City for 50 minutes by the JR Joetsu Line with 1 train per hour,

then to Oshimizu by bus for 1 hour 35 minutes with 7 bus services per day.

By train for Hinoemata Village

4 hours from Asakusa Station of the Tobu line to Aizukogen Station,

then to Numayama Mountain Pass by bus for 2 hours 10 minutes with 6 buses per day.

Night trains run from Asakusa Station on Friday and Saturday only in summer.

By bus

4 hours 25 minutes of Morning bus from Shinjuku Station to Oshimizu Bus Stop with 2 bus services per day.

5 hours 50 minutes by night bus from Shinjuku Station to Osimizu Bus Stop with 1 bus per day.

By car for Katashina Village

3 hours 40 minutes from Tokyo Station to Oshimizu,

For Hinoemata: 4 hours 10 minutes from Tokyo Station to Miike Parking lot,

then transfer to a bus for Numayama Mountain Pass for 20 minutes with 6 buses per day.

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