The biggest marshland of high elevation in Japan:

Oze is located in the mountainous area over four prefectures of Gunma, Fukushima, Niigata and is a national park for approximately 37,200 hectares in area.
Ozegahara, the biggest marshland of high elevation in Japan, Ozenuma Marsh, dammed up by the eruption of a volcano, and mountains surrounding them such as Mount Shibutsu, Mount Hiuchigadake, Mount Aizu-Komagatake make a various scenery, which is the most attractive hiking trail in Kanto.



Access and Getting Around

The trails from Gunma Prefecture, Niigata Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture are available, the generally used route is the one from e Katashina village of Gunma or from Hinoemata Village of Fukushima. The way of getting to the entrance of Oze-numa Marsh is different from to the entrance of Ozegahara. Because both trails are long, the hiking course traversing Oze is necessary for the tourist to stay at least a night. Though a night bus tour or a train tour is available, it is better to avoid making an impossible plan. It is not difficult to look for a lodging facility as there are mountains huts here and there, a reservation for an attractive spot only is necessary. Take a train from Tokyo and then transfer to a bus. Direct bus services are also available. Public transport is closed from November to April. There are regulations to the vehicles, so park your car on the way and take a shuttle bus.



The autumn colors are now at their best.





-Specific Nature  -Outdoor Activities 

Ozegaharais a marshland occupying most of Oze which was formed 10000 years ago.Its skunk cabbages in spring, harmonies of alpine plants in summer and red leaves in fall make touristsfeel comfortable like a paradise.It is the longed-for hiking trail for hikers.The Hatomachi Mountain Pass of Katashina Village in the most popular which is a way to get to Ozegahara.  ...

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Lake Ozenuma

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It is at the east end of Ozegahara and one of the lakes in highlands in Japanwhich was formed by the volcanic eruption of Mount Hiuchigatake.It is a beautiful marsh from which tourists can enjoy the neighboring mountains reflected on the surface of the lakeand the flowers of pretty seasons.It is accessible from Katashina Village and Hinoemata Village of Fukushima Prefecture.  ...

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Oze Hiking Courses

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Commonly-used tourist courses.The tourists using the hiking courses have to stay at least one night unless they take a night bus.In case of using course 4 or 5, it is necessary to stay two nights at a local lodging facility....

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Accommodation around Oze