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Kunosan Toshogu

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Kunosan Toshogu is a shrine to enshrine  Tokugawa Ieyasu , the founder of the Edo Shogunate,

tourists will be fascinated by the gorgeous building which was specially mentioned in the construction history.

It is different from Nikko Toshogu, though both are used to enshrine the same Ieyasu,

which is interesting and worth recommending.

Access and Getting Around

It is hard to climb the stone stairway of 1,159 steps in the Mount Kunosan adjacent

to Nihondaira and to worship,

but if you are tough-footed, it is a good way for hiking while looking around the far scenery.

Taking a cable car from the mountaintop of Nihondaira is pleasant too.

By bus

30 minutes from Shizuoka to Mount Kunosan with 1 bus per hour.

By car

20 minutes from Shizuoka Station to Mount Kunosan.




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