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  • Mountain View

Kamikochi is a well-known place to see autumn colors, the base for advanced mountain climbers,

and hiking routes.

Kappabashi Bridge goes over the snow-melt river the mountain in Kamikochi,

and there is an attractive view of the mountainsfrom this bridge.

There are mountain climbing and a hiking map available at the information booth of the Matsumoto JR station.

There are few hotels around there.



The autumn colors are now at their best .


Access and Getting Around

By train and bus

From Matsumoto Station to Shinshimashima Station by the Matsumoto Dentetsu Line,

30 minutes with 1 train per 40 minutes. Transfer to a bus,

a 1-hour bus ride to Kamikochi with 1 bus per 40 minutes.

By bus

There are some bus services from Tokyo and Osaka in summer and autumn.

5~7 hours with 2 buses (early morning and mid night) from Tokyo Shinjuku Station.

6 hours 30 minutes (the mid night bus service only) from Osaka.

1 hour with 1 bus per hour from Takayama to Hiraya Onsen, connect another bus,

30 minutes with 1 bus per 30 minutes.

By car

The road is closed to cars and motorcycles from Sawando to Kamikochi,

and there are car parking lots in Sawando,

shuttle buses are running instead going to Kamikochi.

A 5- hour drive from Tokyo Station to Sawando parking lot,

a 15- minute bus ride with 1 shuttle bus service per 40 minutes.

A 30- minute bus ride with 1 shuttle bus service per 30 minutes from Hirayu parking lot.

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