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Happoone Hiking

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Happoone is a ridge and a tableland on a hillside of Mount Karamatsudake(2700m).

The hiking trail will lead to Lake Happoike.

It can be enjoyed alpine plants and breathtaking panoramic view of the Hakuba`s mountain range.

It is a paradise in the sky.

You can take a gondola and a lift that leads to the middle of the mountain, and then walk 2 km.

We highly recommend a visit to Happoone Trekking for all who love mountain climbing or hiking.


Access and Getting Around

By bus

5 minutes to Happo bus terminal,

3km from Hakuba Station with 1~2 bus services per hour.


Happo-one Nature Trail Availability Information

Hakuba Alpenline (Japanese)



白馬三山八方尾根木道 八方池 八方尾根鎌池湿原


 Happoone Ski Area

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