Highlands and Ski Resort:

Hakuba is a resort district in northern tip of a 3000m high mountain range (The Northern Alps). This area offers activities for all seasons; Climbing, Hiking, and Huge Ski Slopes.
There are also various accommodations around the heights.



Access and Getting Around

Hakuba area is a bit far from the Shinkansen Line and expressways root, so getting there is slightly inconvenient. The city of base is Matsumoto. It offers shuttle bus services around Hakuba area in July and August. The direct bus services in winter season offer from Tokyo and Kansai region.

By train

2 hours 30minutes from Tokyo Shinjuku Station to Matsumoto Station by the Chuo Line with 1 train per 30 minutes, transfer the JR Oito Line, 1 hour from Matsumoto Station to Hakuba Station.

By bus

5 hours15minutes from Tokyo Shinjuku Station with 4 buses par day.
1 hour from Nagano Station with 8 buses per day.

In Winter: There are the following bus services to Hakuba Ski Areas per day.

Tokyo Station, Shinjyuku Station, Narita Airport, Haneda Airport,Oska Umeda,Kyoto Station,Nagano Station,Matsumoto

By car

4 hours from Tokyo, 1 hour from Nagano Station.



Happoone Hiking

-Outdoor Activities 

Happoone is a ridge and a tableland on a hillside of Mount Karamatsudake(2700m).The hiking trail will lead to Lake Happoike.It can be enjoyed alpine plants and breathtaking panoramic view of the Hakuba`s mountain range.It is a paradise in the sky.You can take a gondola and a lift that leads to the middle of the mountain, and then walk 2 km.We highly recommend a visit to Happoone Trekking for all w...

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Happoone Ski Area

-Outdoor Activities 

Happoone is one of Japan`s largest ski resorts, and known as the venue forthe Alpine skiing competition of Nagano Winter Olympics in 1998.It offers various course layouts, slalom downhill sloping hills,big slopes for intermediate and advanced skiers.It is one of the ski resorts in Japan that you would like to try once....

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Hakuba Ski Jump Stadium

-Recreational Facilities 

This stadium is adjacent with Happoone Ski Ground.A Large Hill and a Normal Hill are aligned side by side. A lift is working all year round,so you may visit and sometimes watch jumpers....

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Himekawa Headwaters Nature Park

-Specific Nature 

It is on the north of Lake Aoki, and near the Sanosaka Ski Area.You can hike along pure spring waters, and see wild flowers in spring.From the end of April to mid of May is the best season to see flowers in bloom.Also, there is Oyomi Marsh that has various marsh wild flowers with about a 20 minute-walk trailin the neighborhood.It gives us a pleasant time....

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Aoni Rice Terraces

-Historic Sites 

The terraces are made with stone walls.There are also well-preserved Kayabuki(thatched) Roof Houses that were built during the periodbetween Edo period to Meiji period in Aoni settlement.You can have glorious views of Hakuba`s mountain range and Japanese landscape of the Rice Terraces.There are no restaurants or souvenir shops in the Aoni Rice Settlement.It is to protect the serene life of the inh...

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Accommodation around Hakuba


Tourism Commission of Hakuba

Nagano Prefecture Tourism Association