Ryusendo Cave

Blue subterranean pool:

This cave is in the mountainous area between Morioka, Iwate Prefecture and Sanriku Coast which extends 3600 meters, and 700-meter-long area is open to the public. It is still being explored, which is said to be 5000 meters long and one of the largest caves in Japan.

Access and Getting Around

Take a train at Morioka Station via the JR Yamada Line of Sanriku Railway, transfer buses two times, which makes difficult. A direct bus runs from Morioka Station. Yet, if you miss the morning bus, you cannot have a one-day tour.

By bus

1 hour 50 minutes from Morioka Station with 4 bus services per day.

By car

1 hour 40 minutes from Morioka Station. 1 hour from Jodogahama

Ryusendo Cave


Ryusendo Cave

-Specific Nature 

The characteristic of the cave is its splendid color of subterranean pools.Especially, the third one is 98 meters deep of transparency,and the water of emerald green that seems to draw in everything is so mysterious.Among the eight explored pools, three pools are open to the public....

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