Jodogahama Beach

The place where Buddha lives:

Jodogahama Beach is a beauty spot located in the center of the Sanriku Fukkō National Park of Iwate. Sharp white rocks stand together in large numbers keenly with three inlets, and the expressions of the white rocks are different one by one. The contrast with the green of the pine and white color of the rocks, the shore of the sand bar and the sea of the azure blue is unmissable. It is named by Jodogahama (the place where Buddha lives in) and an ancient priest. The highlight is the inlet of Oku Jodogahama, where there is a promenade along the sand bar 10-minute walk away from the visitor center, the bus terminal. If you have enough time, enjoy the beauty of the shoreline on a pleasure boat. Though it was damage the big Earthquake of Tohoku, visitors are recommended to come as a support for revival.

Access and Getting Around

Take a train at Morioka Station via the JR Yamada Line, get off at Miyako Station, transfer a bus. A number of bus services are available at Miyako Station.

By train

2 hours from Morioka Station to Miyako Station via the Yamada Line with 5 to 7 trains per day.

By bus

20 minutes from Miyako Station to Jodogahama with 15 bus services per day.

By car

2 hours 10 minutes from Morioka.

Jodogahama Beach


Visitor Center


The visitor center displays explanation of the Sanriku Coast and documents about the earthquake disaster.A visitor will have a deep feeling that such a big tsunami hit such a beautiful placewhile seeing the display guidance.It is a good place to feel awe for the nature....

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-Sea View 

Okujodogahama is the highlight of the inlet , where there is a promenade along the sand bar....

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Odaiba Observatory

-Sea View 

It is an observatory at the tip of a small peninsula in the middle of the trailand Jodogahama Beach can be seen three-dimensionally....

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Accommodation around Jodogahama Beach