Inheritance of splendid gold culture:

It is a small town in the south of Iwate Prefecture, which was constructed by the local clan Fujiwara Family for four generations and whose remains of gorgeous Buddhism culture are authorized as world’s cultural heritage. It is surprising that there was once such culture in a place far away from the political center.




Access and Getting Around

Take a train of the Tohoku Shinkansen from Tokyo, transfer to the JR Tohoku Line at Ichinoseki Station, which is convenient from Ichinoseki Station, because of near distance. It is close to the exit of the express highway, using a car is convenient, too. Because periodical buses and tour buses frequently start from Hiraizumi Station and a bicycle can be rented on the opposite side of the station, it is really convenient to go around.

By train

2 hours 10 minutes from Tokyo to Ichinoseki Station via the Tohoku Shinkansen then transfer to a local train to Hiraizumi Station for 8 minutes.

By bus

2 hours 40 minutes from Sendai Station to Chuson-ji Temple with 2 bus services per day.

By car

1 hour 10 minutes from Morioka Station, 1 hour 45 minutes from Sendai Station.



Chuson-ji Temple


The temple was built by the Fujiwara Family for praying for peaceful Utopia of Buddhism in the twelfth century.It is dotted with the buildings of the temple in the forest of the hill, and every building has its historical value,so each building is worth seeing.Among them, the most striking one as a historical inheritance is the Konjikido.It is a precious building decorated with golden leaves throu...

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Motsu-ji Temple


It is a temple built in the twelfth century erection in the south of Chuson-ji Temple.Though it was burnt down, "Jodo Garden" meaning heaven is leftand old prosperity can be imagined through it.There is a promenade around the pond in the garden....

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Takkoku-iawaya is a temple painted in red located under the cliff of 35meters high 6 km to southwest of Chuson-ji.There is a huge Statue of Buddha inscribed on the polished cliff, and it is so quiet because of few visitors,so it is an out‐of‐the‐way place.Though tours buses via Motsu-ji Temple arrive here, cycling in the rural atmosphere is pleasant, too....

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