Geto Onsen

Hot springs of the common people of the Tohoku area:

Geto Onsen is in the deep mountains of the southwest of Iwate Prefecture. There are seven sources of water, and rural beauty of outdoor baths along the river overflows. It is the representative hot spring resort with a certain Japanese rural beauty. It is one of the hot spring resorts that tourists visit it by all means if you want to know the Japanese hot spring culture here because the culture of the common people of the Tohoku area is condensed. The buildings of wooden spas constructed along the mountain stream among the primitive forests of the beech make the atmosphere of the Japanese hot springs more pleasant. Because the road is closed in winter, hot springs are closed. There are normal inns and accommodations of the spa, tourists staying at the spa cook meals themselves. It will be a pleasant experience that you take full time, cook yourself, communicate with local Japanese people in the hot spring.



Access and Getting Around

The nearest station is Kitakami Station of the Tohoku Shikansen. There is no bus service, but using a pick-up bus (visitors only) is convenient. A pick-up bus starts at 13:45 from Kamikita Station with 1 pick-up bus per day. A prior reservation is needed until the prior date.

By train

3 hours from Tokyo to Kitakami Station via the Tohoku Shinkansen with 1 train per hour. 

By car

45 minutes from Kitakami Station, 1 hour 20 minutes from Morioka station, 2 hours 30 minutes from Sendai Station.

Geto Onsen


Accommodation around Geto Onsen