Shodoshima Island

An island of olives:

Shodoshima is the second largest island in the Seto Inland Sea located in the eastern part of the Seto Inland Sea. As an island of the pilgrimages since the ancient times, it is not only famous for its rich nature including complicated shoreline and ravine but also for the cultivation of olive and other fruit trees. In addition, lots of soy sauce is produced here. It has the most population on the island which is impossible to cross without a vessel because no airport is available.

Access and Getting Around

Shodoshima Island is in the Seto Inland Sea, and to get is very easy because ferries come from different places of the Seto Inland Sea. Be aware that ferry terminal will be different depending on departure ports.

The main departure ports in Honshu are Kobe Port, Himeji Port and Okayama Port of Kansai and Takamatsu Port in Shikoku. Buses services from the nearest JR Station to each port meet the sailing time of the ship.

A fixed route bus goes round the island and using a one-day pass is convenient. Yet, because it is a big island of 130 km around, going around by rental car is recommended. A tour bus is also available.

By vessel

Sannomiya Station in Kobe-on foot or by busfor1.5 km-Kobe Port⇔3 hours 10 minutes, 3 vessel services per day⇔Sakate Port.
Himeji Station―25 minutes by bus ―Himeji Port⇔1 hour 40 minutes with 7 vessel services per day⇔Fukuda Port.
Okayama Station―30 minutes by bus ―Shin Okayama Port⇔1 hour 10 minutes with 13 vessel services ⇔Tonosho Port.
Takamatsu Station―5-minute walk―Takamatsu Port⇔1 hour with 1 vessel service per hour⇔Tonosho Port.
Other vessel services bound for other ports.

Shodoshima Island



-Mountain View 

Kankakei is a valley of 7 km long from the east to the west, 4 km long from the north to the south,located in the central part of Shodoshima Island.The cliffs and strangely-shaped rocks were formed by the rocks eroded by crustal movementand by wind and rain repeatedly, accumulated by the volcanic activity 13 million years ago.It is the splendid highlight even seen from the observatory....

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Angel Road

-Sea View 

It is a road that appears twice a day from the sea at the time of ebb tide.It is a romantic place where a couple of lovers pass over the sandbar of small land-tied- island hand in handand an angel goes down to the middle of the sandbar and helps make the wish come true.It is called Sacred Place for Lovers where many young couples come to visit....

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Dobuchi Channel

-Specific Nature 

It is a channel between Shodoshima Island and Mae-shima Island of 2.5 km long, 9.93 meters the narrowest partwhich was recorded on the Guinness Book of Records as the narrowest channel in the world.A joke to issue a crossing certificate (paid 100 yen) at the public office in the south side of the channel is interesting....

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Kasagataki-ji Temple


Kasagataki-ji Temple is Yamadera which was built to be stuck to the rocky mountain of the cliff locatedin the western mountains of Shodoshima Island.Scenery, terraced paddy field which is seen after climbing while passing through the caveand holding chains is really impressive....

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Accommodation around Shodoshima Island


Shodoshima Tourism Association

Tonosho Town

Organization for Promotion of Tourism in SHIKOKU