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Udo Shrine

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It is a rare shrine in a cave of the cliff along the shore

which wishes the harmony of menandwomenandtheeasydelivery.

The other characteristic of the Shrine is that prayers have to godown the stone stairways to worship.

Generally, a shrine is on a high place, so it is extremely unusual to climb down to the shrine.

What is interesting is that if a visitor throws a clay unglazed round ball called lucky ball

into a hollow of the rock called “Kameishi” and he hits it, his wishes will come true.

The figuresof worshipers who are trying are heartwarming.

Anyway, it is suggested that visitors drop in the main shrine and see the scene of the cave

because all these cannot be seen in other shrines.

Access and Getting Around

By bus

1 hour 30 minutes from Miyazaki Station with 8 buses per day;

30 minutes from Miyazaki Airport with 8 buses per day.

By car

45 minutes from Miyazaki Station.

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