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The place where the souls of the dead gather Osorezan is located on the Shimokita Peninsula

in the northernmost of Honshu which is one of the most famous sacred places in Japan.

The temple, the center of the Osorezan Faith, is on the shore of the Lake Usori

which is a caldera lake with the fantastic beauty, the emerald green surface and the beach of the white sand bar.

All these turn the lake a mysterious yet beautiful sacred place.

It is a place where people get close to “the next world” while living in the world, so tourists

who visit it for help to the merciful Buddha, who pray for the communications with the dead give prays earnestly now.

It is the good place to experience the wonder of the Japanese Shamanism that living people talk to the dead relatives,

reality communicates with the next world.

Though difficult to reach, it is worth going even by rental car.

Shamans  called “Itako” are seen during the Osorezan Big Festival on July 20-24

and three days of consecutive holiday in October in Japan.

There is a lodging facility in the temple, and the staying in the temple

is a good way to experience charm of Osorezan further.

Access and Getting Around

Mutsu City is the gate of Osorezan, but it is generally inconvenient to reach the Shimokita Peninsula

by public transportation such as train or bus, so using a rental car is recommended.

Using a train

Ttransfer at Hachinohe Station of the Tohoku Shinkansen starting from Tokyo to an Aomori Railway train,

get off at Noheji Station, take an Aomori Railway train start from Aomori Station, getting off at Noheji Station.

Once more transfer to the JR Ominato Line at Noheji Station, get at Shimokita Station,

then take a bus from there, which is quite inconvenient.

Taking enough time is needed. 45 minutes from Shimokita Station for Osorezan by bus with 4 bus services per day.

By bus

If you come from Tokyo, take a night speed bus at Shinjuku Station at 19:40,

transfer a bus bound for Osorezan at the terminal, which is the best way.

By car

2 hours 30 minutes from Aomori Station .

2 hours 30 minutes from Hachinohe Station. 

By ferry from Hokkaido

1 hour 30 minutes from Hakodate Port in Hokkaido to Oma Port in the Shimokita Peninsula ,

2 round trip ferries per day.

Yet, there are no bus service at Oma Port, using a rental car is convenient.

A regular tour bus

A regular tour bus leaves from Ominato Station, Mutsu City at 7:45 during May and October,

which goes around not only Osorezan but also main sights of the Shimokita Peninsula.

The guidelines will be in Japanese only, tourists can buy tickets that day.

Taking a  bus at Shimokita Station is also possible.




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