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Takachiho Gorge

  • Specific Nature

Takachiho Gorge is a gorge of 80 meters as its average height.

It is a waterfall falling on the part of the river where Takachiho Gorge gets narrow.

Water running in the cliff of the gorge from “Onokoro Pond” becomes the Manai Waterfalland

it is so beautiful that it is a symbol of Takachih Gorge.

A sightseeing of a waterfall and a boat running between the ravines are known well,

but you can enjoy the scenery fully on the promenade when it is crowded.


The autumn colors are now at their best.

Access and Getting Around

There is a 1km longtrail of 30 minutes one way from Manai Waterfall, and light hiking along beautiful ravine is fun.

There are parking lots on the two sides of the trail along the ravine,

so when driving a car, you may park your car at a parking lot and walk a round-trip way.

2 km from the bus center.



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