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Ski slopes and outdoor sports in summer

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There are a few ski slopes on the slope of Mt. Annupuri, among them Hirafu Ski Resort and Annupuri Ski Resort

are bigger ones than others.

Tourists can reach the top of the mountain from the two ski resorts by gondola or lift,

so it is possible to enjoy the long-course mountain ski. Seen from the top of the mountain without any trees,

a superb view is visible.

Even in summer gondolas are available, a climbing to the top of the mountain is enjoyed.

If the common tickets for using the lift at the ski fields are used, tourists can choose the courses freely.

Rafting which is sponsored by Australians is the most recommended activity,

everyone takes part in it without treating it as a big deal.

In addition to this, tourists can enjoy hiking, mountain bike, river canoe, bungee jump, balloons, fishing,

trekking and sub-river etc.

We may say it is a paradice of outdoor sports.

Access and Getting Around

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