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Lake Goshikinuma

  • Specific Nature
  • Outdoor Activities

It is on Urabandai-kogen , whose name means ‘A marsh of five colors’,

because there are ponds of different colors here and there.

Around it, a trail is available for a hiking course.

In the both sides of east and west there are bus stops, a one-way walk is possible.

The trail is between the Visitor Center at Goshikinuma-irikuchi bus stop

and Urabandai-kogen bus stop of 3.5 km length.

There are many resorts developed as lodging facilities in the forest, so staying a night is not difficult.



Access and Getting Around

By bus

6 minutes from Goshikinuma-irikuchi bus stop to Urabandai-kogen bus stop,

1 round trip bus service per hour.

五色沼1 五色沼2 五色沼3 五色沼6 毘沙門沼裏磐梯


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